The Professional Practice of Overhead Utility Line Design

This webinar is intended for electric and communication utility managers, staff engineers, consulting engineers, design/staking technicians, safety/regulatory professionals, and field personnel who are responsible for, or who make decisions concerning, distribution systems. It is conducted at a practical level and is appropriate for degreed engineers and engineering technicians, as well as non-degreed high school graduates with a general knowledge of the electric utility system.

Participants completing this program will qualify for one (1) Professional Development Hour (PDH)


All but a handful of U. S. electric utilities continue to design, construct, operate and maintain overhead distribution lines.  Nationwide, overhead lines comprise more than 60% of the electric distribution system.  A much higher percentage of transmission lines are overhead. Because they are nearly everywhere, proper engineering design of overhead lines is essential to public and employee safety, as well as to reliable and cost-effective system operation and maintenance.

Overhead utility line design is an engineering discipline that requires the consistent and proper application of engineering principles and ethics to prepare quality designs and reduce liability exposure.  This webinar will present an overview of legal, regulatory and ethical requirements applicable to the professional practice of overhead electric line design, including attachments of communication cables and equipment.


  • Federal and state public utilities laws and regulations that apply to overhead lines
  • Applicable state engineering practice laws and regulations
  • Professional engineering ethics and specific ethical standards of conduct for overhead line engineers and designers
  • Typical line design protocols (design criteria, construction standards, design documentation, engineering reports, and records management policies/practices).
  • Best practices in overhead line design

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