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EPP Triple Play: Wood Poles, Manufactured Poles, Pole Setting and Soil Conditions

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This Educational Perks Package (EPP) contains three of our most popular Mini-Courses (approx. 1 hr. each). Both Pole courses are in one 2-hour recording. WOOD UTILITY POLES: Participants will learn about wood as a structural material, the pros and cons of wood for utility lines, industry use of wood poles, wood preservation treatment types and methods, specifications for wood pole manufacture and testing, and the application of NESC rules to the structural design of wood pole lines. MANUFACTURED UTILITY POLES: Line design professionals will learn the characteristics and application of steel, reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, fiber-reinforced polymer, and ductile iron poles on overhead utility lines. Participants will learn about the reasons for using manufactured poles, the types and general characteristics of manufactured poles, NESC rules. POLE SETTING AND SOIL CONDITIONS: This webinar will help utility line design professionals understand the need for and properly apply proven line design formula to determine pole setting depths on overhead distribution lines. Participants will learn to design pole setting depths for a wide array of pole top distribution and joint use configurations in distribution line design.
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