Best Practices in Overhead Distribution Line Design

      April 27-29 & May 4-6  12-4 p.m. EDT 

Course Schedule and Topics

Each session will be held from Noon – 4 p.m. Eastern

  • Session 1: April 27

    Overhead Line Design
    Accountabilities and Process 

      • Overhead line design protocols
      • The overhead line design process
      • NESC overview and application
      • NESC general requirements for overhead lines
      • Other considerations in overhead line design

  • Session 2: April 28

    Conductor/Cable Sag, Tension, and Clearance

      • NESC requirements for maximum conductor/cable sag determination
      • NESC and practical requirements for maximum conductor/cable design tension 
      • Conductor/cable sag and tension calculations
      • Conductor/cable sag-tension software 
      • Application examples and assigned exercises

  • Session 3: April 29

    NESC Clearance Requirements

      • Clearances to ground and water surfaces
      • Clearances to buildings and other structures
      • Clearances between conductors, cables and equipment
      • Clearance application examples and assigned exercises

  • Session 4: May 4

    Overhead Line Structure Loading
    and Strength (Part 1)

      • Types and functions of supporting structures
      • NESC requirements for supporting structure design (loading conditions and strength requirements)
      • Determination of mechanical forces on supporting structures 
      • Supporting structure loading application examples and assigned exercises

    Session 5: May 5
    Overhead Line Structure Loading 
    and Strength (Part 2)

      • Overhead line guying and anchoring design considerations
      • Wood poles (types, treatments, dimensions, strength classes, and specifications
      • Manufactured poles (types, characteristics, NESC equivalent designs, and specifications
      • Pole embedment designs
      • Supporting structure loading application examples and assigned exercises

  • Session 6: May 6

    Putting It All Together

      • Joint use overhead line design considerations
      • Examples and exercises in overhead line design scenarios

    Agenda/Learning Outcomes

    Download a Preliminary Agenda and learning outcomes.

    Course Level

    Intermediate/Advanced: No prerequisites; however, completion of Overhead Distribution Principles & Practices (March 30, 31, April 6, 7) is highly recommended. Some advance preparation is required, including a pre-course survey and logging into the line design software platform.

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